One suited for large dogs will work. With that said every adult pig will be 50 pounds and up. Our farm focuses on healthy, small, colorful pigs that are full of personality! The food intake increases at 6 months. You will quickly see the variety of sizes, shapes, weights, colors, lengths and disposition of "mini" pigs in the pictures that will follow and that there is absolutely no way to know how big your pig will get. The result is that the pig’s growth can become stunted, which can cause major medical issues. These 'mini' pigs will have all manner of health difficulties. Hoof trimming as needed (1-2 times per year) and oral deworming twice per year. Real teacup pigs will stay small if they are kept on a proper diet however if you put a pot belly pig on the same diet it will become malnourished and may die. I can honestly say that I have never felt so close and connected with any other species of companion animal. So the more blankets, the better. Here are some links that provide more information: If you are looking for a porcine friend, please make adoption your only option. You will quickly see the variety of sizes, shapes, weights, colors, lengths and disposition of "mini" pigs in the pictures that will follow and that there is … 7 - 4. ️ They do have a personality that won't quit if they want something. Pet piggy craze. I even took them out occasionally during the day for walks and let the nearby kids pet the Boys. She is full of energy and loves to play. Some debate they're not a real breed to begin with, but this claim is not true! But she had a great temperament and she was happy. They are affectionate, smart, clean, quiet, friendly and entertaining. Poor little things did not even know how to nurse. They are usally refered to are micro pigs or teacup pigs. Sadly, a full grown Juliana that is 15-20 pounds is likely being underfed. Long story short, she was put on a strict diet, got her hooves trimmed up and lost a lot of weight. If they live outside, they will always pick the same far off corner to do their business, they will NEVER go to the bathroom in their bedding or near their food. In one YouTube video, a teacup pig named Hamlet climbs down a flight of stairs and lands in a bowl of oatmeal, which he then devours. Mini pig pellet food and a flat dish/pan to eat from. So, if you are considering adopting a pig in need from a rescue near you but worry that they won't be as affectionate as other companion animals, please know you have nothing to worry about. (They’re also called micro-mini, Juliana, nano or dandie pigs.) Myth: Mini pigs are just potbellies. Learn More. Pigs in the wild may spend up to 40 percent of their time rooting; if they don’t get to satisfy this natural behavior outside, they will do it inside, at the expense of the family’s furnishings. In general pigs less than 350 pounds are considered to be Miniature or Mini pigs and most breeds in this size range are owned & treated as pets rather than livestock. You are looking for that unique pet for your home and children. They are food motivated, they love almost any and all food. Mini pigs are any pigs that weigh less than 400lbs fully grown technically. Visit our website for more. Sadly, some of our families have situations that arise and they are no longer able to care for their pigs. Oh yes! DOB. They can be taught commands and can easily be litter trained. Over the years, mini pigs have been bred down in size through selective breeding and mixing of breeds. Color are 4 black and one Pink and gray. Connect with Nicole on Instagram and Facebook, and read all of her MOTHER EARTH NEWS posts here. A pig named Sullivan was living in a small home and he had no access to the outdoors, causing naughty biting and destructive behaviors. At MOTHER EARTH NEWS for 50 years and counting, we are dedicated to conserving our planet's natural resources while helping you conserve your financial resources. You’ll need several because mini pigs drink lots of water. What is the difference between a Super Micro pig, Micro pig, Mini pig, teacup pig, and Juliana pig? They are bred to be a miniature version of the typical 700-pound farm hog. International Subscribers - Click Here Most of their growth will happen within their first year of life, and will continue to grow until about three years of age. Keeping farm animals within city limits is against the law in many municipalities. Meet Charlie! According to observations of males with real sows, copulation duration is typically 4-5 minutes, but can last up to 20 minutes . Chloe is a beautiful chestnut Juliana/American Mini Pig Mix with light chipmunk stripping. Pigs have real emotions. After outgrowing their 2'x2'x4'L cage, weather being nice, I moved the Boys out to their new 8'Wx16'L pen with house and toys, stuffed bear being a favorite. The purpose of this page is to help have outdated local zoning ordinances updated. They'd come when called by name; at night, when escaping from my 160'x130' fenced yard for neighboring over grown areas, I'd open a gate and after 45 minutes to 1-1/2 hours tops they'd return home and to bed. It all started a little over a year ago when my husband surprised me with a baby boar for my birthday. Pigs are filthy animals. Online - We accept Google Wallet, Android Pay, Samsung Pay, Western Union Transfers, Money Gram, Walmart Money Gram Standard Mail - Money Orders, UPS Local Pick Up at PeeWee Piglets - Cash Only. Think about it: If you were hungry all the time, you’d probably get cranky. Over 90% of pigs are re-homed or given to sanctuary’s before they turn 2. They have been referred to in the media as micro pigs, mini pigs and pygmy pigs. And sometimes breeders use deceptive tactics to convince buyers that they’re getting a small pig. Don’t Forget to read or pin for later our super popular post- 8 Do’s and Don’ts of Life with a Mini Pig. It was instant love for this adorable boy. Mini pigs do come in all sizes. Canadian subscriptions: 1 year (includes postage & GST). Community Cats Program Handbook: Administration, Community Cats Program Handbook: Operations, Southern California Association for Miniature Potbellied Pigs, Potbellied Pig Behavior and Relationships. 63 likes. Animal bed. Mini Pig is the size of most miniature pigs, the Average is 13-16" this is most of our herd, Anything under 14" is hard to find as an adult pig. Enter celebutante Paris Hilton, whose penchant for accessorizing with pets took a detour toward the porcine with her purchase of a tiny piglet in 2010. Once she was a much healthier pig many months later, we allowed our male and female to breed and had our very first litter born. When adopting any animal, doing your research is incredibly important to make the best decision for yourself and the animal. Mini-Pigs are Pets. We are happy that you have decided to adopt a Pig. We don't ship! Don't fall for story tellers of whoppers with no real proof. To learn more about the author of this post, click on their byline link at the top of the page. However, since pigs can breed years before they fully mature, unscrupulous or ignorant breeders may show off parent pigs which are not fully grown themsel… I hate to see them adopted for the novelty of a ‘teacup pig’ as this is not reality, but I love to see them thrive in a loving, happy home. Some recommended materials include wood chips, newspaper clippings, or … A realistic weight for a Juliana Pig is between 40-80 pounds, depending on their diet. 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