Since many beginners are not sure of their style, this is a good option for a novice. The banjo has regular shoes and hooks, and the resonator mounts using flat plates that go under a couple of the hook nuts. And because the resonator is removable, it can work as both an open and closed back banjo. It’s well made with high-quality materials such as a mahogany neck and resonator, and a three-ply maple rim. The resonator is also made of beautiful curly maple with a small sound hole framed in walnut. The plus side is its removable resonator, allowing you to experiment with different musical genres. The banjo spread from the minstrel shows into the living room, and the resonator became a de facto feature. The strings of a resonator banjo are usually closer to the fingerboard and may require the use of a finger. It … The pot is curly maple with a wood tonering and a walnut cap at the bottom. I can take all that hardware off and have a regular, openback banjo with no leftover stuff on it. The banjo has a removable resonator back, which is generally a pricy addition to banjos. Pros: Comes with all necessary accessories and adjustable neck. Some banjos come with a removable resonator. A resonator is usually a wood circle with raised edges that attaches to the rim and head of the banjo. The banjo has 24 brackets, a maple bridge, an adjustable hinged tailpiece, a chrome-plated armrest, and a bound back: all these work together to produce the classic tones of a 5-string banjo. Most banjos have a removable resonator, so the banjo can become an open-back banjo. You can turn any resonator into an open back by removing the resonator, but it will make playing sitting down uncomfortable as the whole weight of the banjo will be on your leg via a thin piece of metal. While the banjo … These won't hurt your leg in most positions which is why they are used. Early Banjo Resonator with Metal Flange Great for YOUR vintage Banjo Project or for Luthier. It has a unique removable resonator that twists on and off and is locked on with a single thumb screw. Although coming with the affordable cost, this Resoluute banjo still produces a strong, sharp and crisp sound, which leaves a strong impression on listeners. Then a bolt goes through the plate to connect the resonator. The Jameson Guitars 5-string Banjo is a first-class, stunningly attractive banjo for a ridiculously low price. Removing the resonator is a simple process, as … This is a beautiful one of a kind banjo with great tone and volume. Your banjo does not have a flange, but 4 smaller brackets. The removable resonator really adds to the banjo’s versatility.