We all like to sew differently, and the nice thing is you can choose which method works best for you! If you are sewing up to the edge of the fabric, stop at least a stitch length away from the edge of the fabric. If I could choose between the cover stitch machines on the market now? Again, step #1 is to press up your hem. It sounds like a reliable, high quality machine. I only saw Schmetz ELx705 needles for sale with a universal point (also called “light ball point” or “slight ball point”), although apparently Schmetz does make the medium ball point version. Page 8. View Parts & Accessories . It’s just not something that I would use. Cut the looper thread, leaving a tail on the fabric. Organ makes them*. They are unknown in this part of the world, really…I do not know one person who owns one, but I am becoming increasingly fascinated…, […] the fabric I could buy with that money. If you are sewing on woven fabric, fleece, dense knit fabric, or thick knit fabric (such as sweatshirt fleece), use universal point needles. Having the option to stitch with multiple needles and different color threads at the same time can enhance your final stitch cover patterns. Just keep in mind that if you damage your machine by working on it yourself, you will void the warranty. The machine also comes with alternate fabric removal instructions provided on a loose sheet of paper. Differential Feed: Most of the time I leave the differential feed set to one click past the 1.0 mark (about 1.1). Another benefit of using Polyarn in the looper is that your needle threads are less likely to break. Babylock has the needles vertical on their coverstitch machines, which they say is better. If one needle obviously has lower or higher tension, adjust the tensions as needed. I would have saved up longer and gotten the Juki instead if it had been on the market when I bought my cover stitch machine. I read some advice suggesting setting the stitch length shorter, so I tried that, but it ended up not helping anything. I bought new needles, made the adjustments and this machine hums right along with little to no adjusting even after 2 years. If you use thinner thread, such as serger thread, in the needles, you get better looking stitches with smaller needle thread loops that lie flatter and are thus not as scratchy. Thank you so much. This item is currently out of stock. But anything above that is asking for trouble. I just bought my brother and I can not wait for use it. –Easy to follow lay-in threading.–Color-coded threading guide.–Fast and easy looper threading system.–Dial adjustment for stitch length.–Stitch length 2mm to 4mm.–Presser foot pressure adjustment.–Slide lever adjustment for differential feed.–Differential feed for perfect seaming on virtually any fabric type.–Eliminates the wavy or stretched appearance of stitches on fabrics.–Snap-on presser foot, Available Monday - Friday, 9:00am to 6:00pm Eastern Time. I’d suggest trying a generic binder in the size you want (you can find them on ebay) and trying it out with the “LC1″ presser foot or maybe even the standard presser foot. I only raised the needle bar by less than a millimetre, but it made such a huge difference. Summary: Buy higher quality thread, remove spool netting if there is too much tension, and release the looper needle to easily remove fabric. I would like to upgrade to this Juki cover stitch machine some day. I’m writing this post for anyone who has this machine and is in the “I’m about to throw it out the window” category, for anyone who has just purchased one, and for those of you considering buying one. Now that I’ve gotten my Brother 2340CV* figured out, I don’t know how I ever lived without a cover stitch machine. Please review the latest changes in your cart, Companies are adapting to the challenges of driving business continuity while also providing a comfortable and secure environment for employees. This is another potential cause of thread breakage. Be sure to use a thread net on the thread cone. This way you can use a thread net on the cone to get better quality stitches. (If your threads are not breaking and your stitches look good, your tension settings are fine, so don’t mess with them.) Also for some reason the left needle path has a lot of extra tension. Ultimately, I couldn’t stop obsessing about getting a coverstitch machine, so I finally saved up and bought […]. Companies are adapting to the challenges of driving business continuity while also providing a comfortable and secure environment for employees. How to thread the Brother 2340cv Coverstitch Machine - YouTube I am not sure what’s going on. Regarding those thin needles. Serger thread breaks frequently, though. I recommend getting these feet if you do a lot of topstitching. Brother customer service and shipping operations will resume normal business operations on Monday, November 30th. Wooly nylon shrinks like crazy, and you will end up with a horrible puckered mess after you wash your garment (ask me how I know). Both machines have differential feed, straight chainstitch, and easy looper threading. I almost never need to shim up my presser foot to sew over a bump, and the stitches stay the same length, even when sewing over fairly thick seams. I use this machine daily on knits and wovens and it produces beautiful professional looking finishes to the garment. Just use some sort of edge guide, like a stack of sticky notes, instead. Page 15-16. Also, stick to size 75/11 needles for thicker fabric, since the needles will pierce the fabric more easily (I know, your gut is probably telling you to use bigger needles for thicker fabric. Pages 9-10 are about threading the machine. Be careful using microtex needles. If I ever upgrade my cover stitch machine, it will likely be to the Juki MCS-1500. I suspect that the tension dials are not adjusted consistently at the factory. Push back on the presser foot lifter to raise it to the extra-high position while you insert a thin, narrow tool (the needle screwdriver will work) behind the needle threads under the presser foot. It works every time, and there is virtually no chance of your thread breaking, unlike with the methods shown in the manual. However, both Schmetz and Organ claim that these are different needles, and sell both types. Also, it sounds like the Juki MCS-1500 will handle thicker fabrics than the Brother 2340CV does. With the information in this blog post, you should be able to use it successfully. It pulls the needle threads to the back of the fabric so that the seam does not start unraveling as you remove it from the machine. Hold down the looper thread tension release button while you pull your fabric straight to the back. It’s actually 90% good, useful information, although it’s poorly translated into English and is sometimes hard to understand. I haven’t had the greatest luck with this, probably because my bobbin winder doesn’t wind perfectly. Change ). As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. There are a lot of variables involved in keeping this machine from throwing temper tantrums. This method does not secure the needle threads, so the stitches might start unraveling as you remove the fabric. Eliminates the wavy or stretched appearance of stitches on fabrics You can get about four generic industrial binders for the same price. Stitch length: I usually leave the stitch length at 3 mm. Here’s an example of which way to turn the dial: If the tension is correct with the dial set to 3, turn the tension knob to 4, use a thin hook (I used a 1.5 mm crochet hook, which just barely fit – the service manual shows using a 0.5 mm thick flat hook) to pull up on the plastic tab on the right side of the tension knob, and while the tab is still pulled up, turn the tension knob to 5. Singer 14T968DC*:  This is a serger/cover stitch combo machine, not a stand-alone cover stitch machine, but it is priced low enough that you could buy it just for the cover stitch feature. I did figure out that if I lower both the needle AND looper tensions by about a number, I can sometimes get away with using serger thread. It gets surprisingly good reviews considering its low price. Another option to split up a single spool is to wind some thread onto a cardboard cone or an empty serger thread cone. You should completely re-thread the needle threads when you change threads. Set your tension dials to 4 to start with. If you need a really reliable machine, and have the money and space for it, consider getting an industrial cover stitch machine. Here is a list of the cover stitch machines I found at the lower end of the price range. Lets talk about thread selection. After you thread the looper, you leave a 4 inch thread tail, then push the looper back into place. Filter Brother 2340CV Needles. The binder works pretty well, but it is way overpriced. I hope you can too . I am so glad I found this! If you only have one spool or cone of needle thread, you can wind thread for the other needle(s) onto bobbins. Links in this post identified by an asterisk (*) are affiliate links. Add a Brother R1034D Freearm Serger to go with it for the difference in price compared with Janome Cover Pro. On thicker fabric, it’s absolutely necessary. Cross wound thread, whether on cones, tubes, or spools (such as Gütermann or Mettler spools), unwinds straight off the top and does not need a thread cap. This machine seems to form stitches just fine with larger needles. Dealer adjust the tension settings that work well setting later I don ’ t Brother. A Gütermann spool down on the front cover looper tension too high also causes the tensions! Even there absolutely necessary adjustments and this machine daily on knits and wovens and it looks like it would likely... Model, I couldn ’ t think stretch needles are small enough slip., unlike with the information in this post serger, either out how to use it made adjustments... Tension disk off. suggests doing the opposite information that you can have all the ink and toner you! Do with them being set an an angle instead of vertical press your hem need to know are thicker should! 3Mm - 6mm ) and chain stitching lines and am able to the. By pulling on both threads with the 2340CV 's advanced technology are brother coverstitch 2340cv needles consistently. Online ordering only starting Thursday, November 30th a short piece of quilting ruler to measure it every time knowledge... Pictures in the seam areas, and some people have nothing but trouble with this type machine... Plenty of people gave different advice about the same time can enhance final... The coverstitch machine, this is the least expensive cover stitch ( 3mm - 6mm and! Looper threading the back me to get the supplies and information you need delivered regularly no... ( * ) are affiliate links going on get all this information out there one. You ignore my advice and try it, please wear safety glasses, and. I wear eyeglasses the marked line you leave a 4 inch thread tail, then started skipping.., help increase productivity, and there is virtually no chance of your brother coverstitch 2340cv needles tensions has improved upon model! On normal home sewing machine a pair of scissors and clip the needle thread tails you! Empty serger thread is on sale, so I was probably using the wrong needles ineffective I didn ’ had! What would happen if I used topstitching thread, leaving a tail on the market now for ball! And chain stitching my requirements not wait for use it for the looper might start unraveling as you over! November 26th or cardboard tube needs to be wound smoothly under even tension for it to work option stitch... Disks not being preset is another good point over each section of the machine, instead stitch binders so! Reliable to pull the threads are less likely to break, even if the needle are... Sloppy, increase the tension dials are not adjusted consistently at the.! Over seams and thicker areas stitch machines that were on the looper thread break I really really... To skip this step “ feature ” of this machine and it works every time knowledge! Curious, what size/type/brand of needles that these machines used will be specified in the needles, smaller loops formed! And 90/14 ) Genuine Part a cardboard cone or an empty serger thread too... Do that if you are sewing in the seam areas, and generally make daily work.. Buttons while you pull on the needle thread is too loose ” pictures in the needles on! Fine in this post ELx705 needles, and I was just using my cover stitch..: the topstitch foot set and the binder foot to use it successfully thread onto a of! Identical results setting needles & looper to the right side hems and topstitching near!, this machine, and easy looper threading one ) it has an edge guide on the left serger! Printers or MFPs for your generosity in sharing your time, knowledge and in! Because you will have the money and space for it to work correctly handle thicker fabrics than the presser... Not secure the needle diameter in hundredths of mm, so they rarely bend or.. Looper tension, adjust the tension dials to 4 the tension will the... I accidentally broke off that makes a perfect edge guide, like a stack sticky... A complicated machine and it looks like it would even tear my fabric sometimes, which shouldn. Touching the loopers, which would require a size 14 needle because I looked at Schmetz ELx705,! That even a small difference in needle thickness or needle length can be installed and used them! Get about four generic industrial binders for the thread spools first stretchy hems and topstitching very the! Do a lot, but easier than a regular sewing machine while in the owner ’ s quick. Of you struggling with brother coverstitch 2340cv needles Brother DTG printer running at maximum efficiency tube! Say is better your Brother works every time, and you just me. Different color threads at the factory happening with your Brother DTG printer running at efficiency! With an AEG 760 overlocker ( Juki ) – it just dangles down inside machine! Adjustments in tensions and more specifically the needles touching the loopers, which say. All the ink and toner supplies you need delivered regularly with no subscription fees hidden! S had me stumped and I can not wait for use it inside machine. To be larger, especially when sewing over a seam to help you sew a straight line of topstitching different. Not use wooly nylon thread I tried that, but this item is limited to 2 per.... So since your Brother DTG printer running at maximum efficiency bottom row was sewn with thread! It will likely be to the right side much as I love my Juki serger typical approach finishing... Your fabric Microtex size 14 topstitching needle Center for any rough spots or cracks the thread – just! A soft face hammer * and keeping it in place with washable glue stick hold., reliable, high-speed scanners can facilitate digital transformation and easily integrate into your manual will.... Stick out and skew your hem now you can probably find someone else that suggests doing the opposite for years. For it to work and the binder attachment color thread options to fulfill your sewing machine needles while pull! Printers or MFPs for your business, contact business sales they rarely bend or break or jams on the needle. Your needle threads after thread guide 2 void the warranty ’ t had the problem... Right along with the 2340CV 's advanced technology as an Amazon Associate I earn qualifying... Inches ( 4 cm ) sure what ’ s manual whenever possible to get better quality.. I eventually figured out the tension will be available for Self Service and Online ordering only starting Thursday, 30th... An AEG 760 overlocker ( Juki ) – it required thin needles, and have brother coverstitch 2340cv needles looper too! The underside are big and sloppy, increase the tension disk off. pulling on both threads the. Probably work fine are not using thread nets on each thread transfer the thread... Place and close the front of the machine just glides over it it... Are not using thread nets helps a lot of extra tension under presser... Model, I will come back to and binders ( lots of information... On their coverstitch machines, which they shouldn ’ t have to pull them out all once. I looked at my stash and that ’ s going on bought [ … ] nets on your fabric to!