After World War II ended, Piaf began to tour the world, achieving international fame and popularity. In 1929 when she was a teenager, Piaf left the brothel and joined her father as a street performer, singing throughout Paris and surrounding cities. She was not given a funeral mass by the Archbishop of Paris owing to her lifestyle. Albeit her short physical stature, audiences the world over were amazed by her powerful vocals. Marcelle died of meningitis at the age of two. Piaf was buried in Pere Lachaise Cemetery in Paris. Her music embodied the wretched life of the streets of Paris and was highly sentimental and passionate. She started touring all over Europe, the US and South America. They quarrelled frequently. In 1961, she helped to save the hall from bankruptcy by offering debut performance of her song, ‘Non, je ne regrette rien’. Her body was secretly brought to Paris by her husband, Theo Sarapo. In 1935, Louis Leplee, persuaded her to sing at his nightclub. She gave many memorable performances in Bruno Coquatrix's Paris Olympia music hall. In 1962, she married Theo Sarapo, who was twenty years younger to her. The baby was coming and two nearby policeman assisted in the delivery of Edith right there on the sidewalk. Her most popular songs include "La Vie en Rose" (also the title of an Academy Award-winning biopic of the star), "Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien," and "Hymne A L'Amour." It's said that Piaf was completely blind from ages 3-7, and she claimed to have been miraculously cured when the prostitutes prayed for her on a religious pilgrimage. Cerdan died in 1949. Spouse/Ex-: Jacques Pills (m. 1952–1956), Theophanis Lamboukas (m. 1962–1963), See the events in life of Edith Piaf in Chronological Order. In 1930, she met Simone ‘Momone’ Berteaut, a half-sister and companion, and together they toured, singing, to earn money for themselves in the suburbs of Paris. In 1933, she gave birth to her daughter, Marcelle. Her father, before enlisting with the French Army during World War I, took her to his mother who ran a brothel. She was abandoned by her mother and lived with her maternal grandmother. Much of her past is shrouded in mystery and may have been embellished during her time as a celebrity. Legend has it that she was born on the pavement of Rue de Belleville 72, but her birth certificate says that she was born on 19 December 1915 at the Hôpital Tenon, a hospital located at the 20th arrondissement. Edith Piaf marriedJacques Pills in 1952. However, the couple never married. Piaf's drug and alcohol addictions continued to worsen as she got older, especially after she was in two more car accidents. She is buried next to her daughter, Marcelle, in Pere Lachaise Cemetary, Paris. In 1959 she had stomach surgery, and several years later she began to experience liver problems. They named their daughter Marcelle. Piaf subsequently married singer Jacques Pills in 1952. During this time, Piaf also became involved in the French cabaret scene. He was a Greek hairdresser who had turned a singer and actor. After cementing her place in the world of music, she took upcoming musicians under her wings and groomed them. This famous singer posed with French prisoners and then used the photographs to make passports for them. Her father was from Falaise, Normandy, France, and was of French descent. She entered rehab several times, without much success. At less than five feet tall, Piaf was known as "La Mome Piaf," or "The Little Sparrow;" she is now celebrated as one of France's greatest performers. When she became pregnant, she started working in a wreath-making factory. She did not receive any formal education. Piaf remains a beloved figure in France and abroad; her life is the subject of several films and television specials. She became addicted to morphine and alcohol. She died of liver cancer on the French Riviera. One of them was written by the composer Marguerite Monnot, with whom Piaf would go on to have an extended collaboration. She was born Édith Giovanna Gassion in Belleville, Paris. Tens of thousands of fans followed her funeral procession to the cemetery. Edith Piaf had an affair with former middleweight world champion, Marcel Cerdan, who was already married. Early Life: Among her most popular songs are "Mon legionnaire", "Hymne a l'amour", "Sous le ciel de Paris", "Milord" and, probably the best known, "Je ne regrette rien", all of which catapulted her to great fame. Her father was Louis-Alphonse Gassion, a street acrobat from Normandy and her mother was Annetta Giovanna Maillard, a cafe singer from Italy. Their marriage ended after four years. This soulful singer was left-blind due to keratitis at childhood. Leplee instructed Piaf in the art of performance; at her opening night, she was joined on stage by the famous jazz guitarist Django Reinhardt., The Hottest Male Celebrities With The Best Abs, Top NBA Players With No Championship Rings. She allegedly had a miraculous healing when she was sent on a pilgrimage to honour, ‘Saint Therese’ of Lisieux. In 1936, Leplee was murdered. She had to earn her living singing on the streets of Paris. Legend has it that she was born on the pavement of Rue de Belleville 72, but her birth certificate says that she was born on 19 December 1915 at the Hôpital Tenon, a hospital located at the 20th arrondissement.