Category page. New quests are also available for players to undertake. Progression in these missions provides access to Al'Taieu (aka Sea), Tavnazian Archipelago and Dawn. When both mission chains are complete, … Below the Arks: Quest: Access to Promyvion - Mea, Promyvion - Holla, and Promyvion - Dem. Missions are tasks that a player performs to advance in the main story lines of Final Fantasy XI. Chains of Promathia missions start automatically upon entering Lower Delkfutt's Tower with the Chains of Promathia expansion installed. 3. There are no prerequisites required to start on main story missions. Enemies [edit | edit source]. Promathia Mission 1-1. Edit. Pages in category "Chains of Promathia Missions" The following 36 pages are in this category, out of 36 total. From BG FFXI Wiki. Chains of Promathia was released simultaneously in the United States, Japan, and Europe on September 21, 2004 for both the PS2 and PC. Chapter Title Type* Reward 1. History Talk (0) These missions are unlocked upon installation of the Chains of Promathia expansion pack. Any experience rewards can be obtained once per day by repeating the related Battlefield.Except when helping other players clear battlefields, all Chains of Promathia missions are not repeatable.. As Chains of Promathia is strongly focused on new missions, new content (in particular new areas) can be progressively unlocked by clearing the missions. This article uses material from the "Category:Chains_of_Promathia_Missions" article on FFXIclopedia and is licensed under the CC-BY-SA License. Rewards for missions vary. Ancient Flames Beckon: 1. At the base of the brewing conflict is the Twilight God, Promathia, and the believed coming of the so-called Keeper of the Apocalypse -- the one destined to awaken Promathia and cause the destruction of Vana'diel. The Rites of Life : Cutscene: Mysterious Amulet (Key Item) 2. The Chains of Promathia Missions introduce the fifth mothercrystal , which has lost its light, and the realm beyond it, Lumoria. Chains of Promathia Missions. This list does not include reskinned enemies of the same family or unique mission bosses. The Rites of Life Series Chains of Promathia Starting NPC Lower Delkfutt's Tower: Title None Repeatable No: Description Brilliant light, fearsome beasts, a mysterious laboratory... What do all these have to do with the strange boy brought back to Doctor Monberaux's clininc in Upper Jeuno? Jump to: navigation, search.