Which area of law is right for you? This will allow them to become a fully qualified solicitor as soon as their training contract is completed. How do you become a lawyer in the US? The highest average salary for a criminal law solicitor is for those working in London, at around £52,500. I also need to know if I need to go to regular college first before going to law school. Tweet. On a good day I probably leave the office between 6-8pm. Jack Neenan. 2. Many people take much longer than this as they complete at least some aspects of their course on a part time basis to allow them to continue earning money and gaining experience. However this route is long and very expensive. How do you become a lawyer in the UK and how long does it take? By Katharine Freeland 25 January 2016. How Long Does It Take to Become a Criminal Lawyer. If you train as a lawyer in Scotland, know that Scottish firms don’t pay trainees as handsomely as their counterparts in London or other major UK cities. by Silas Reed. This means that becoming a solicitor requires a minimum of 5-6 years of training. I'm wondering about if you can get a 3 year law degree in the UK and that's it, while if in the US you have to go to law school after you're first degree. The Law Society of Scotland sets the minimum trainee salary at £19,000 for first-years and £22,500 for second-years , and firms don't tend to leapfrog too far over this number. How to: become a QC. Ok I want to be a lawyer when I grow up but I do not know how long it takes to become one. Share. What courses should I take in High School next year. Just because you’ve qualified as a legal executive doesn’t mean you can’t become a lawyer. Outside of London, the average salary for a criminal lawyer ranges from … Take our 2-minute quiz to find out! Rate it using the stars above and let us know what you think in the comments below. Solicitor via the legal executive route. Criminal Law Salary. Linkedin. On a bad day – it could be as late as 12:00 midnight or even the next day! May 23, 2017 ... I’d probably say it is the long hours even though it sounds cliché. Foreign lawyers can't unless they complete a GDL course, then do another course to be a solicitor or a barrister. You can get training (as explained below) as long as you work under a legal professional. Take the quiz! 1. In the current climate this could make it much easier when trying to find employment. 12637 Views ( 639 votes, average: 4 out of 5) What do you think about this article? I need to know everything I know nothing about this. And from the time you start college to the time you finish how long is it. How to become a corporate lawyer in the UK.