The key to pulling it off is applying a crumb coat so your final layer of frosting looks flawless. With the darkest color added, it’s time to move onto the next, lighter color. Holding your offset spatula vertically against the side of the cake, press lightly to smooth the piped bands. These fairy cakes are a must-have for an upcoming occasion. With these prep steps out of the way, you’ve set yourself up for successful decorating. Measure halfway up cake’s side and mark that point with a toothpick. Tools needed: A spoon, a liquid measuring cup and a straight icing/baking spatula. 3. Begin applying frosting to the sides of the cake. This fun cake takes inspiration from your classic cinema snack. Practice on a piece of waxed paper before you begin. The easiest way to do this is by cupping your hand so the toppings are held in your fingertips and can be easily pressed into the side of the cake. Ready to begin? 3. Continue all the way around the cake. Line the plate with four strips of waxed paper, then set the cake on top. The last thing you want to do is move your cake after decorating, so it’s best to frost on your cake stand, cake plate or whatever serving dish you plan to use. I don't like dry cake. Once the top is covered with a sufficient layer of frosting, use your offset spatula to smooth off the top. Tell us about this recipe on Facebook. not dark nonstick) will turn out a light and tender cake. 5. A note about toppings: Chocolate ganache also makes a gorgeous topping. Now the real fun begins. Did you know you can make donuts from Betty Crocker™ Vanilla Cupcake Mix? Allow the crumb coat to set and those crumbs will be trapped in the first layer of frosting, so they don’t mix into your final decorative layer. Ingredient needed: The frosting of your choice. They’re baked and complete in 40 minutes! In fact, nothing could be further from the truth! Ingredients needed: Frosting and food coloring. And don’t worry, there’s no experience required. Once you’ve covered the sides, take your offset spatula and hold it vertically against the cake. If it is carrot cake or spice cake, I've added crushed pineapple or applesauce (or pureed fruits, like peaches). Ingredients needed: The decorations of your choice. This dessert recipe combines Betty Crocker™ Vanilla Cupcakes Mix and other ingredients like passionfruit pulp. This present cake is striking but still simple. Want to give this a try with step-by-step instructions? Your objective is to make sure there’s enough frosting on the sides to cover them. If you want some tinting inspiration, check out How to Color Frosting Like a Pro or play around with a pastel color palette. When stacking layers: Place cakes with the top (formerly domed side) facing down. Allow it to spread for a few seconds. Depending on which decorations you’re using, you might need a vegetable peeler to make chocolate curls, a knife for chopping nuts or a rolling pin and plastic resealable bag for crushing pretzels. Tall, Dark and Stout Chocolate Layer Cake. Press lightly, until the entire top is smooth. Add topping: Begin pouring the topping into the center of the cake. Rich layers of chocolate cake, combined with stout beer and caramel make for an extra-dreamy dessert indulgence. This moist strawberry coconut cake recipe combines Betty Crocker™ Strawberries & Cream Cake Mix and ingredients like coconut cream. A tangy lemon-flavored cake filled with vanilla frosting and topped with fresh blueberries in syrup – it’s the perfect combo! A cake turntable and a cardboard cake round are both helpful but not required. The paper will catch excess toppings and can be easily pulled away without disturbing the work you’ve done. Smooth out the top by holding your clean offset spatula horizontally against the top. Tools needed: A piping bag and an offset spatula are needed. The only thing better than cake? Bend down so that you’re looking at the cake at eye level as you work and use a serrated knife in a gentle sawing motion to remove the domed portion. Rippled with sweet strawberry puree this delicious vanilla cake is made extra-special with a vanilla frosting drizzle and fresh strawberries. We’re going to show you how to decorate a cake—from tools and prep to step-by-step instructions. Start by tinting your frosting. Pipe along the sides to fill in the top third. Impressive piping is something you can master—we promise! Before you begin: Prepare your toppings and frost the cake as desired. That starts at the very beginning, with the pan you bake it in. Fit a piping bag with a large round tip (or skip the tip, it’s not absolutely necessary) and fill with the darkest colored frosting. Tell us about this recipe on Facebook. You’ll also want to apply your drips just before serving for the prettiest look. Using a long serrated knife, begin cutting the cake in half using the toothpicks as your guide. Now it’s time to move on to the lightest color. Begin scraping lightly to smooth frosting creating an even layer. We used 1/3 cup for this 8-inch cake. Like the passionfruit fairy cakes? Whether you choose to master all five of these techniques or just one, we hope you find that cake decorating is fun, satisfying and a guaranteed way to make everyone who shares in your masterpiece feel special. Immediately after frosting: Begin pressing the toppings into the sides of the cake. Twist the top to close. Then, move on to the top of the cake. If it’s still not ready, microwave for a few seconds but remember you want to avoid warming it too much or it will melt your frosting. 8. After your cake has cooled, apply the layer of frosting without worry that crumbs are getting mixed into it. If using caramel sauce, we love to finish the cake with a sprinkle of flaky sea salt. You might end up with a ridge of excess frosting at the top of your cake; simply scrape that onto the top. If it is chocolate, I've added 1/4 cup unsweetened cocoa with a 1 tbsp canola oil. Clean your piping bag and fill with the new color (or switch to a new bag, if you’re using a plastic piping bags). Starting in the center, pipe the frosting in a spiral until the entire top is covered. Sky-High Salted Caramel Chocolate Layer Cake. They’re baked and complete in 40 minutes! Then use your offset spatula to begin spreading from the center. Don't let the many layers intimidate you; it's easier than it looks! We used Betty Crocker™ Rich & Creamy vanilla, tinted in different shades. This hedgehog brownie recipe is a true delight that you can bake in just 60 minutes. Now it’s time to smooth the sides. The key to pulling off this technique is working while your frosting is still fresh, so the decorations stick. Use a large round tip or just use the bag without a tip. Then, pipe another band on top of that first one—you’re aiming to cover the bottom third of the cake. 2. Offset spatula: Allows you to frost without your hand getting in the way. Marshmallows go from mundane to marvellous in these beautiful cupcakes! Cooling rack: To help cakes cool quickly and evenly. A revolving cake stand makes applying the decorations a little more seamless but it’s not essential. Try a test drip: Spoon a bit of topping onto the edge of the cake. Browse through our wonderful birthday cake recipes and find the one that speaks to you the most -  Have fun with your baking and get creative decorating your bakes! The spout will give you more control. When decorating a cake, some tools make a world of difference—an offset spatula, for example—while others are simply nice to have. A cake turntable and a cardboard cake round are nice to have, but not essential. Most of the time, you’ll be holding your bag at either a 90-degree or 45-degree angle to the cake. Try to use as few strokes as possible to keep the top of the cake smooth and pretty. 7. Tell us about this recipe on Facebook! We’ll walk you through each tool from both categories, so you can decide for yourself.