Renee's Garden seeds come to you with high germination rates, and most varieties will keep easily for the next growing season. Delphinium Growing Guide Herbaceous perennial • Hardiness zones 3a to 8b • Full or part sun • Well-draining loam is best • Native to North America and African mountains and considered non-invasive • Chill dampened seeds for better germination Shop Online: Buy delphinium seeds at Botanical Interests (US shipping) Mist it … Place the delphinium seeds on the surface of the compost, spacing them one inch apart. Delphinium (Larkspur) Seeds Larkspur is a member of the Delphinium family, and its tall, upright habit makes it a good choice to plant beside a shed, along a fence line, or as an absolute necessity in a … Store the cleaned seed in a cool, dry place. Remove entire stalks of ripe seed pods and spread them out to dry. Stash this in the fridge for 24 to 36 hours. If seeds start to germinate on the moist surface, just cut them apart and plant the seed and the towel (which will decompose). Alternatively, the plants can be shaken over a container to remove the seed from the open pods. The thick-skinned inflated seed pods contain just two or three seeds. To create these conditions, place delphinium seeds on a moist paper towel or coffee filter tucked into a sealed plastic bag or container. The optimum temperature range for germinating delphinium seeds is 60-68° F (15-20°C) . Flowering during the summer months, they are perfect for bringing height and colour to the back of borders, and make delightful cut flowers too. Also, be sure to keep the potting mix or soil moist. For a vivid display of flower spikes with evenly spaced florets, delphinium plants are ideal. The seed yield from this species is consequently much smaller than from D. requienii, which produces 35+ smaller seeds per floret. Cover them with a 1/4-inch-thick layer of seed-starting compost. Sowing indoors means using a proper seed starting mix , and providing light, … (Several exceptions: onions, parsley, lettuces, larkspur and delphinium do not always maintain their germination and are best purchased fresh each year.) Seed Saving: After the flowers fade, this plant will produce papery light brown seed pods that open at the top when ripe. Also, be sure to keep the potting mix or soil moist. The average size for the long axis of 32 seeds was 6.2 mm and the average width across the seeds was 5.2 mm. Delphinium Seeds & Plants. Many gardeners have asked how to store leftover, unused seeds. Mature seed will be a dark brown color. The seeds are angular with flat facets and a rough, ridged dark brown skin.