She's solid if you're a newer player, otherwise, skip. I agree with this in a vacuum, but I think #3 should be whichever top tier DPS is available. Like Nrakk, he's more useful once you have Azaka. I wouldn't go that far - allowing Hexes to build up then switching to Strix for the kill (with both Hex and Poor Hygiene) has proven fairly effective for me. I tend to work on these projects late at night and that carries the risk of messing up like this. Personally, I like Farideh better in terms of her kit, but Birdsong tends to outperform her slightly due to Gromma. If you're spending money on Warden, you'll have a solid DPS and a solid support.4. If you are looking for a ranking of all the heroes above 4★, this page should hopefully help you out. For all of you that are new to the game, make sure you Read my Idle Heroes Review . Birdsong - Slot 9. Assemble a party of champions and master the art of Formation Strategy. Gaarawarr's Guide . In fact, they are essentially mutually exclusive, since you'll want to use Makos in Farideh formations, and Farideh has no place in Birdsong formations. Warden bucks this trend by giving decent All Champ% damage, as well as an innate Hex ability. I think Donaar deserves top priority. Birdsong is both a great DPS and great buffer. As some others have mentioned, the tiers aren't how "good" they are, it's how often they're used. Deekin - Here we are again with Deekin as the #1 draft pick. 2. Good luck! If you want quicker progress and a solid buffer, Deekin is your kobold. She's got an extremely nice kit that works as DPS, and her fast default attack and Ultimate make her a true killer in armored / life blob enemy situations. Upgrade your heroes, collect unique gear, and unlock new Champions in regular new events. Disclaimer: Idle Champions is constantly in flux, with patches, reworks, and rebalances. Gear Warden up. Deekin - Yup. Vlahnya - Slot 8. Strix - Oh how the mighty have fallen. For updated information, check guides from active Idle Heroes Content Creators. When you select a Champion, the next time they are available within a Time Gate, the target areas are increased by 50. Also if you use Donaar, the extra damage you do when he pushes boss back, i think its multiplicative, not additive. With the introduction of Time Gates, having access to basic info on Event Champions is now needed all the time and not just during their Event. In this case, Calliope is also a default champion that is likely to be well-geared from silver chests (or if you're new and she's not, she'll get that way quickly). Farideh also means you'll need Strix to really see her shine.5. Gaarawarr's Guide: Brightswords. Ishi - If you have an epic IOU item for Ishi, you probably won't need to gear her further. Only thing that matters for Diath (and Dhadius) is how he compares with Calliope. Either you already have a full roster, the Timegate gave you no unlocked champions (which shouldn't occur), or you just don't want to unlock an unneeded or disliked champion. One thing that should be noted for Black Viper - if she comes up in a Time Gate with all trash tier champions, it might be worth unlocking her earlier to start on gem farms just in case her eventual rework is good. I'll have it fixed for next time. Something that crossed my mind was, if the golden epic from buying the champ isn't part of the weekend bundle how do you get the gold epic for a champion you get from the time gate? They aren't, because they are largely useless at the moment. She also serves as a good buff/debuffer with Arctic, so if Evelyn is your tank in single-tank formations, Gromma might do better than Nayeli. This category is for you! Here are my ratings of champions by slot, which includes base champions. If you don't choose that champion, the target areas will drop by 25 (to a minimum of 50 & 75). Only if they are using Strix DPS and even then Diath doesn't always beat Calliope. My time gate includes Zorbu and Binwin, who are both not on your list, but based on what I've browsed Birdsong is the best choice over both of them, am I correct? If you open a Time Gate, and your choices include Ishi and NOT Paultin, and you only have Jarlaxle and/or Stoki in Slot 4 so far, choose Ishi for that Time Gate. That's why I have different categories - and Warden is #3 on every single one of them. Bear in mind that this is only a general idea. Juni 2018 um 6:15 Uhr Time Gate Champion Priority Barrowin > Strix > Evelyn > Birdsong > Catti/Stoki > everyone else would be my tier list. The key difference is Birdsong's Ultimate, which is multi-hitting and juices her default attack speed with some serious adrenaline.4. Like Vlahnya, Birdsong will usually give you better results than Makos at lower gear levels. Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms > Allgemeine Diskussionen > Themendetails. Evelyn covers both.3. I swear I read somewhere that timegates give you one character that you definitely don’t have, one you might or might not, and one that you already do. Farideh - Yes, I repeated number 4. Sorry, Stoki! I hope it helps. I got three characters that I do not have. If you're happy with your DPS, feel free to skip gearing her for other choices.6. The reason to unlock him, however is for scenarios when you can't utilize Hitch and when you want to keep enemies stunned. Has this changed then? Time Gates in Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms allow the player to revisit past events. Gap's not as big as some others though. Unfortunately, being "not bad" doesn't make him great, and you have a better choice with Hitch. This reference is meant to be current with the most recent patch and not necessarily reflective of the game's future state. They can be effective in some cases. It would just be slower. Currently in Patch 10.24, S Tier is led by Leona as Support, Jhin as Bottom, Shen as Top, Ekko as Middle, Hecarim as Jungle, Hecarim as Jungle. You don't need much gear for her Gold Find to work well, and she will vastly help your favor farming efforts.6. My early reading suggests that she's way worse than Hitch. Once you open the Time Gate to that champion, you'll be able to replay the event adventure they are tied to, and collect up to 2 gold chests for the champion. A vanilla Birdsong (so with just the two timegate chests) might not be a better buffer than your Makos, but what makes Birdsong a great DPS character is frequent attacks compared to other slower, harder hitters. Not OP, but definitely better. As a buffer, he's also not bad.