I imagine in a hot country this would be a bigger problem as the laptop may not be able to expel enough heat. From what I've read, even though the USB-C PD spec does indeed max out at 100W, Dell has a proprietary handshake between their chargers and laptops (XPS) to deliver more. Dell Inspiron 15 7000 laptop series receives Intel Comet Lake refresh but still no room for AMD Ryzen 4000 APUs The Dell Inspiron 15 7501 laptop features new Comet Lake SoCs from Intel. Already you have read Inspiron 5501 review which comes with 8GB RAM, 15.6-inch FHD display, i5 processor and 512GB SSD at Rs 69,990. Build quality is very good. When it comes to reviewing a product, it goes without saying that the first thing that one analyses is the design, build and the exterior durability of the device. Feels sturdy, not an expert but I believe it’s all metal except for the bezels (although bezels are surrounded by a metal lip). So far I have tested CSGO and Bannerlord on this computer, and will probably test some further games in the next few days. I can use it about 6-7 hours with coding, web browsing and office applications, emails. Hi thanks for a review I have previous model vostro 7590 with 9750h cpu and same specs , same battery. Been thinking of buying one myself. I haven't found a non-gaming laptop with this specs/price ratio. The Dell Inspiron 15 7501 features a 15.6” full high definition non-touch display. The one thing about the display of the device that stands out is the amazing viewing angle. Battery life doesn’t seem to be very good. Hope this helps anyone who's considering buying this. The device comes with a heavier footprint, and is a “chunky” laptop, meaning that it will more or less weigh more than you expect. The device comes powered by the hexa-core 10th Generation Intel Core i7-10750H processor along with the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650Ti GPU. Keyboard feels pretty great. To test the performance I ran the Timespy benchmark, getting a score of around 3700. The keyboard backlighting is reasonably bright, but should only be used when it’s actually dark, as white backlighting doesn’t contrast well on the silver keys. In case you have been on the lookout for something extraordinary in terms of performance, this isn’t your calling. Great review, there are not many around if any at all from other owners of the 7501. Note where it says any system not listed going forward will have 4 lanes. CPU temps were mid 80s and GPU was maxed at 86. Port selection on my model is as follows: 2x USB A, SD, headphone jack, HDMI, Thunderbolt and power port. And, that reflects when you are using the device. The sleek design is kinda ruined by the huge 130W power brick, measuring 150 * 75 * 25 mm. The combination of the powerful processors and GPUs can make the device hot, so having a dedicated and viable cooling system is quite amazing. Aside from that, the screen come with narrow bezels on the three sides, further improving the screen to body ratio of the device. Do you know how many pci-express lanes are assigned to the thunderbolt 3 port by any chance? I briefly tried it outside when it was slightly cloudy, and it was barely usable, so it’s probably not bright enough to use in the sun. CPU temps seem to stay around the mid 60s, with GPU temps in the mid 50s. The device sports a 1080p screen resolution with a 16:9 screen, and does the job just fine. Hey all, I received this laptop a few days ago and thought I’d write my own review, due to the lack of information out there which had made me quite nervous before I bought this laptop. The experts do suggest expanding with an extra RAM, especially if you work with heavy files and video editing stuff. The bottom panel of the Dell Inspiron 15 7501 is removable but requires specialised tools. Fyi, I'm actually not sure whether the thunderbolt port allows for charging of the laptop itself. Hey all, I received this laptop a few days ago and thought I’d write my own review, due to the lack of information out there which had made me quite nervous before I bought this laptop. I was unsure about the power brick, thanks for that info too. The enhanced performance with the powerful Intel core processor along with the NVIDIA GTX GPU, this is everything that you need and more. If anyone has any further suggestions to improve performance please let me know; I will be happy to try them out and will let you know how it went. While it has its problems, some bigger than others, it’s definitely a great laptop if you want something slimmer which is capable of some gaming. The device comes with one of the most powerful CPU and GPU combinations to let you enjoy the effortless productivity and efficiency. What this insinuates is the fact that even when you are paying a little over thousand dollars for the PC of today, you can enhance it to a better option tomorrow with the expansions. I have one too that runs really hot under light load, seems concerning to me, Huh that's a bit strange. Initially the BIOS screen reports 90W, but after a few seconds it changes to 130W. It packs in some of the latest innovations and features that you normally wouldn’t expect to find in a device of this price point.