11 Months Rule? Failing to adhere the same can result in imprisonment up to three months and a penalty amounting to Rs. Sample Leave and License Agreement. 26000/- per month for the first 11 months, b) Rs. The question arises whether it can not be for more than 11 months, if both the parties are interested in a much longer period. Hence, the landlord must ensure that the registration of the document is enforced. There exists a minor difference in the kind of terms used for a Leave and License Agreement, as opposed to a Tenancy Agreement. Answering the same query, another expert says, "It is not compulsory to make a rent agreement only for 11 months. All You Need To Know About Home Loans And Transfer. Starting from today, people from Maharashtra would not have to wait in queues to register their leave and license agreement or rental agreements. Section 55 of the Maharashtra Rent Control Act, 1999, mandates the registration of a Tenancy or Leave and License Agreement. While a Tenancy Agreement gives complete possession of the property to the Tenant, a Leave and Lic… 11 months leave and license agreement. Mutual Agreements hence are very vulnerable when juxtaposed on the long term relationship one has to maintain with Licensor/Licensee. No criminal proceedings will be initiated against you for not registering a leave and license agreemnt for 11 months since the law itself does not ask for it. Charges as low as Rs 999 only. Failing to adhere the same can result in imprisonment up to three months and a penalty amounting to Rs. Download . Most rent agreements are signed for 11 months so that they can avoid stamp duty and other charges. Rohan Jagtap July 19, 2019. The Registration Act, 1908 stipulates that any lease (tenancy) of over 12 months needs to be compulsorily registered. In online Leave and License Registration, citizens have to fill required information only in IGR Online Portal for e-Registration and draft is automatically generated at the end. Rental Agreement Registration is Now a Must in Tamil Nadu. Currently, Leave and License Agreements can be registered in the following cities-. And now the owner wants to vacate the said property as he/she wants to sell the property. Was it because... Don’t like your surname after divorce? Change it using LegalDesk.com in a Quick, Hassle-free way. LAWyersclub expert to take part in this query . During 2011-12 well over 1 lakh leave and license agreements were registered in Mumbai compared to 97,600 in 2010-11 while 48,000 against 41,700 in Pune, 43,000 against 35,900 in Thane. Both parteis are required for registration. ... What is Rental Agreement? Meaning: Leave and License Agreement is a contract between the Licensor (Property Owner) and Licensee (a person taking property on rent). Continuous stay as licensee creates problem since the licensee starts claiming to be a Tenant as per Tenancy Act which gives him tenancy right, 4. month towards the compensation for the use of the said Licensed premises. ... month of Leave and License. Therefore, such Leave & Licence Agreements were being executed for a period of 11 months with duel intention namely to avoid the stamping of such agreement and its registration and, secondly, to avoid interpreting such Leave & Licence Agreement as a lease of the immovable property to avoid protection against vacation of the occupier, as per the provisions of the said Bombay Rent Act. If the agreement is for 11 months, and the said 11 months is mentioned in teh agreement, then you will have to pay stamp duty according to 11 months rent and deposit. Hence, tenancy or leave and license agreements were made for 11 months to … It provides facility of online registration of Leave and License Agreement to citizen. October 14, 2016 | 7:08 AM Reply MODEL FORM [LEAVE & LICENCE AGREEMENT WITH LOCK-IN OPTION] LEAVE & LICENCE AGREEMENT.