Vintage-Style Stratocaster®-Telecaster® Pre-Slotted Genuine Bone String Nut, Vintage-Style Stratocaster® String Guides, Stratocaster®-Telecaster® Pre-Slotted Melamine String Nut, American Vintage Precision Bass Pre-Slotted Genuine Bone String Nut. After this and a few other mods the tone and feel of the guitar seems better. Be the first to know about new products, featured content, exclusive offers and giveaways. Using a strobe tuner is highly recommended in order to set the intonation as in tune as possible. Pre-cut nuts are supplied very slightly over-sized, so you will have to adjust the thickness before they’ll drop into the slot. These are used to change the height of the pickup in relation to the strings to achieve the best tone. If the neck has a back bow, the ruler will rock back and forth at the ends because the neck is bowed up in the middle. The easiest way to do this is to capo the strings at the first fret, loosen strings at the tuner, take out neck screws, pull neck out of the body slightly in order to adjust the neck. Place the capo at the first fret. Click & Collect. For the bridge pickup, 4/64″ or 1.6mm on both sides is usually best. Learn more about Fender electric basses. The first step in setting up a telecaster, or of any guitar, is the initial evaluation. If the fretted note is lower or flatter, then the saddle needs to move forward. 14. This is how you get the string action measurement. After normal use, these 4 points very easily tear at the wood and become dislodged making the whole jack assembly loose and possibly causing noise or output problems. 42mm & 43mm RESIN NUTS for Stratocaster or Telecaster Style Guitars in 3 Colours . Since two strings rest on one barrel saddle, most times intonation on one or both strings is a little off. Put on all the strings and tune up to pitch. If there are loose and uneven frets then they would need to be reseated and glued down. Get it as soon as Wed, Nov 25. A critical adjustment that is easily overlooked is the string height at the nut. If a tonally pleasing compromise in intonation can not be achieved, then there are a couple of companies out there that make replacement saddles that are compensated in order to get intonation on a barrel saddle setup possible. Neck pickup upgrades. 195 sold. Take the end of string and put it down into the hole of the tuner and bend it over to the right and manually wrap the string once around the tuner like the pictures show below and tune the string up. If there is too much relief, there will be a gap between the bottom of the ruler and the frets or fretboard near the middle of the neck. After the intonation is set, apply some of that nut sauce or lubricant to each strings notch in the saddle to help reduce friction at this contact point for better tuning stability. Check now so it can be reconnected now or later on in the setup process when it is easier to address. Grab each string individually and pull it gently up and around in a small circular motion near the middle of the fretboard to “stretch” the string and make sure the wraps around the posts are tight and are not going to move or constrict later causing tuning issues. Before you straighten the neck you want to check how much relief there is first. You can choose from our various sizes for a Nut Width that fits you perfectly! Then you want to cut off some of the end of the string in order to get it wound around the tuner posts correctly. So in order to adjust the neck, you will need to take the neck out of the body to get to it. Fender cut the B string slot in the nut poorly and the B string sounded like a Sitar when open. 5.0 out of 5 stars Great replacement nut for Telecaster. Retune the open note and check the fretted note again. This isn't too hard to fit with the right tools but it is certainly worth researching what it involves before deciding whether you want to do it yourself. If you want to take it even further, replacement bridges are available with full-sized PAF and Filter’Tron cut-outs. Got this to replace the stock bone nut in my American Telecaster. Do this a couple times for each string. Lets say the low E for example and tune it to pitch. Then retune the string to pitch. The final major adjustment is setting the intonation for each string. Discussion in 'Squier Tele Forum' started by jfgesquire, Nov 13, 2018. I like to polish up the frets and clean and oil the fretboard, if made of a hardwood other than maple, first. Today we are going to go through the basic setup of a Fender Telecaster guitar. The pickup can be adjusted to the proper height and then the pickguard put back in to place and screwed back down on to the body. Sometimes tightening the nut on the jack is all that is needed. Wiht the accoustic I am just using string tension to keep it in place, but I'd like to get it back where it needs to be. Needed some a good amount of filing and measuring to get it set up right. If you don’t have a straight edge or notched ruler, you can use a capo, a .005″ feeler gauge, and your hands to check the relief of your neck.