statuesque athletic teenager who became an understated love interest for Bert. The bonus features on set 1 were duplicated from the Canadian release, mainly the create a scene and Raccoon-A-Roma DVD ROM content. Three of the songs had replaced Schneider's vocals with Frank Floyd and Hank Martin. Please follow the above link if you are contemplating taking on a baby raccoon. It was also shown in countries around the world, including the United States and the United Kingdom. CFV 05042). Jim Blackwood merged her love of raccoons with his love for her, and so became the Raccoon Whisperer. There were also several other songs performed by other musicians such as Rita Coolidge and Rupert Holmes who performed songs for the first special, Leo Sayer and Coolidge again for the second, and John Schneider and Dottie West for the last television special. The earlier version of "Run With Us", like quite a few of the other songs from The Raccoons, were never officially released. Download and install the game and see what adventures you can have as this small, adorable animal. Embassy also released the specials on Laserdisc, CED and Betamax formats. Characters Bert Raccoon, Melissa Raccoon, Ralph Raccoon, Cedric Sneer, Cyril Sneer, Sophia Tutu, Schaeffer the Dog, Broo the Puppy, The Pigs, Narrator However, the second season had these human characters removed as the Melissa Raccoon, of whom Bert is a friend and roommate. On December 14, 2009, the first season of The Raccoons is released on iTunes in Canada. The series Variety praised the third special, The Raccoons and the Lost Star, calling it "a rollicking good adventure filled with space-age animation, high-tech gadgetry, lilting tunes, a lovable sheepdog, and the delightful Raccoons team.". Summary: The Raccoons Complete. The discs were released without any region coding in NTSC format. The Raccoons is a Canadian animated series broadcast from 1985 to 1992, with three preceding television specials from its inception in 1980, and one direct to video special in 1984. Created by Kevin Gillis. In 1984, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and the Disney Channel began funding on the television series, which cost about $4.5 million to make. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Return to the Evergreen Forest as Bert Raccoon and his friends resume their fun adventures. This FAQ is empty. albums). Some raccoons break into the Sandwich house to steal their trash, but they are busted by Grape. A 2-disc Region 2 PAL DVD release of the complete series 1 was released on September 17, 2007 through Fabulous Films Ltd. For this release, Len Carlson also reprised his role as Bert during menus and gave in-character commentary before and after episodes. Two 9-episode boxsets were released, each containing 3 discs that were also available separately. series mainly included environmentalism, but also included other lessons, including friendship and teamwork. Both sets are now out of print, and no North American DVD release has come out since then. They later released a DVD entitled "Three Adventures With The Raccoons" on April 7, 2008. When Raccoons Fly! "Run With Us" was performed in Season 1 by Stephen Lunt. Then Video Collection International Ltd released a third tape which contained the episodes "Stop The Clock!" The game is listed in the adventure category of apps and it is easy to see why. On June 17 of that same year, Big Jump officially revealed the new designs for Bert, Ralph, Melissa, Cyril and Cedric on their website. original series running for 60 episodes in over three seasons between October 4, 2003 and February 18, 2006. The 2003 TV Series serves as a Kids' WB! The adventures of a family of Raccoons and their friends. Add the first question. DVD extras on the set include character model sheets and a documentary. Other distributors, such as Catalyst & GoodTimes released some specials and episodes on VHS. Eric is a gifted computer programmer, and is extremely creative. The special was a huge hit and resulted in two sequel specials The Raccoons on Ice and The Raccoons and the Lost Star and a direct-to-video special, The Raccoons: Let's Dance!. • DEVELOP YOUR RACCOON Your character starts the game being little and weak. niece, Bentley the insecure child technology prodigy and Lisa the sufficiently uncomplicated for younger viewers. He has written children’s books, creates music, and has an awesome family. The reboot is scheduled to premiere in 2020, beginning with a holiday special entitled "When Raccoons Fly!". The Raccoons Model Sheets - Size Comparison.jpg, In this simulator you will play as a raccoon. VC1191). In addition, Ralph's Kids and adults alike will love the thrills and spills that Bert and his friends get into as they fight to protect the forest from the cunning millionaire aardvark, Cyril Sneer. Cyril Sneer… humanoid animal version of Canada with complex transportation systems, Originally, the story was set in a kind of hidden world in the The songs from the first two specials were released on the album Lake Freeze – The Raccoons Songtrack in 1983. Production on the special began in 1979 and was completed in 1980, and the special was shown on the December of the same year on CBC Television. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Characters Edit. Bert Raccoon's adventures in the Evergreen Forest continue with another nine episodes from the internationally acclaimned, Gemini Award-winning cartoon series. The language track is German only. There were no Olympic Games that year. The Raccoons: The New Adventures. They're furry tyrant toddlers who… Schaeffer the Dog. The franchise was created by Kevin Gillis with the co-operation of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (French: Société Radio-Canada). Sandwich know. This reboot premiered on Ethan Television Network. The extras include character bios, a chance to create your own scene from The Raccoons and Raccoon-A-Roma DVD-ROM content, like QuickTime animated sequences. is the special from The Raccoons: The New Adventures. She is likely best known for her role in the animated television series The Raccoons, where she performed for the soundtrack and voiced Lisa Raccoon. Season 1 ended with a different version of the song, not sung by Lougheed. Most of the instrumental cues heard in the series were actually recorded for The Raccoons and the Lost Star and re-used. However, the Raccoons would always save their forest from Cyril's You will explore the big city and the surrounding forest in search of adventure. Annie Ringtail (also known as Penny Raccoon, Patty, Theresa Raccoon, Tanya and Kathy Raton by fans) is a minor character from The Raccoons. In 1986, after producing the first 11 episodes, Hinton Animation Studios took over to animate the remaining seasons of the show (seasons 2–5). Rory Dodd, The Dior Bros. (actually Kevin Gillis and Jon Stroll under a pseudonym), and several other musicians also had songs performed, although somewhat rarely compared to the aforementioned people. For your sake, and for the sake of the raccoon, please realize that raccoons are not pets. Then three videos with Season 2 episodes were released, the first two were by Picture Music International (PMI) that included "Double Play" and "The Sweet Smell of Success!"