Gilbert, Steven W. Journal of Research in Science Teaching, v28 n1 p73-79 Jan 1991. The definition of architecture explores building, design, art, the built environment, function, and theories with no one opinion rising to the top. Many aspects of building design, construction, and operation can affect the health and comfort of the people in the building. Menu. Building definition is - a usually roofed and walled structure built for permanent use (as for a dwelling). How to use building in a sentence. Overcoming the Limits of Observation. One of the most important steps of a software build is the compilation process, where source code files are converted into executable code. What does nation-building mean? Meaning of nation-building. Build: The term build may refer to the process by which source code is converted into a stand-alone form that can be run on a computer or to the form itself. Thanks to advances in science and engineering, today's buildings are very different from yesterday's. Later, buildings were constructed for other functions, such as food storage and to serve as sites of ceremony. Model Building and Definition of Science. The Definition of Home Be it ever so humble, it’s more than just a place. Definition of nation-building in the dictionary. These first buildings were simple dwellings. Home. Building would once have been a matter of trial and error: primitive structures were, quite literally, nothing more than cunning piles of found materials designed to give shelter from the storm. This introduction focuses on three particular areas: Air Flow; Heat Flow; Moisture Flow. Information and translations of nation-building in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. For each of these issues, the introduction explores causes, control measures, and effects on both buildings and occupants. Building great teams has become a science. Here’s how it works. Building, a usually roofed and walled structure built for permanent use.Rudimentary buildings were initially constructed out of the purely functional need for a controlled environment to moderate the effects of climate. Today, as we've just seen, much more thought—and calculation—goes into buildings and static str Building Science Introduction. It’s also an idea—one where the heart is The purpose of this article is to introduce a definition of science that may be useful as an alternative to those that are typically found in the literature, and to present research indicating its potential effectiveness.