Resources chosen provide information on many aspects of vegetarian nutrition. Join our newsletter to receive monthly competitions, offers and information on all things vegan. Vegan diets may be low in calcium and vitamin D although there are vegan sources of these nutrients," says Reed Mangels, PhD, RD, nutrition advisor for The Vegetarian Resource Group ( (Read more). Call (410) 366-8343 to order printed copies. Almost all foods contain at least a small amount of protein. They've been put together by our Dietitian Heather. Health-conscious vegans substitute animal products with plant-based replacements, such as: Tofu, tempeh and seitan: These provide a versatile protein-rich alternative to meat, fish, poultry and eggs in many... Legumes: Foods such as beans, lentils and peas are excellent sources of … National Institutes of Health, National Library of Medicine. Vitamin B12. Learn about Protein, Calcium, B12, Omega-3s, Pregnancy, and more. It's not just about what we eat! Charity No: 279228 (England and Wales) and SC049495 (Scotland) | Company Reg. All Rights Reserved. If you need information about vegan catering in hospitals, check out our Catering for Everyone pages. MedlinePlus: Vegetarian Diet. So, how... Reg. (Read more), Information about medications and the vegan lifestyle. We're working with the British Dietetic Association to share the message that well-planned vegan diets can support healthy living in people of all ages. Charity No: 279228 Company Reg. "Vegans can get vitamin B12 from fortified foods (some brands of soy milk, fake meats, breakfast cereals and nutritional yeast) and from supplements. Becoming a Vegan RD; Vegan Nutrition Primers. © 2020 The Vegan RD. The 5th Edition of Simply Vegan has a completely updated nutrition section and over 160 recipes. Vegans Know How to Party Chef Berkoff shows you how to put on a party for vegans and those who enjoy great food. And It’s Easier than You Think, For World Vegan Day: 5 Things to Know About Veganism, On Privilege, Priorities, and Processed Foods in Vegan Diets. In our nutrition and health resources, you'll find lots of tips about getting the most out of your vegan lifestyle. Many plant foods are naturally high in iron, and there are a lot packaged foods such as cereals, meat substitutes,... Calcium. This nutrient is needed to help speed up reactions in your body. In our nutrition and health resources, you'll find lots of tips about getting the most out of your vegan lifestyle. Healthy lifestyle choices can help us to look after our bones. Vegetarian Nutrition Resource List May 2014 This publication is a compilation of resources on vegetarian nutrition. No: 01468880, We're working with the British Dietetic Association, Share your experience of plant milk discrimination, Help us change these discriminatory initiatives, Scientific evidence supporting our campaign, What Every Vegan Should Know About Vitamin B12. Colorado State University Extension. You can read more about vegan health here. (Read more), The difference between animal-free and 'free from'. Vegetarian Diets. They've been put together by our Dietitian Heather.. We're working with the British Dietetic Association to share the message that well-planned vegan diets can support healthy living in people of all ages.. You can read more about vegan health here. Vegan for Her by Virginia Messina and JL Fields, Vegan for Life by Jack Norris and Virginia Messina, Never Too Late to Go Vegan by Carol J. Adams, Patti Breitman and Virginia Messina, Simply Vegan by Debra Wasserman and Reed Mangels, Your Complete Vegan Pregnancy by Reed Mangels, Plant-Based Sports Nutrition by D. Enette Larson-Meyer and Matt Ruscigno, Vegetarian Nutrition Dietetic Practice Group (fact sheets on vegetarian and vegan diet, written by RDs). Vegan Nutrition 101. Recommended Supplements: A Vegan Nutrition Primer, Preventing Ex-Vegans: Managing Expectations, Preventing Ex-Vegans: The Power of Ethics, Preventing Ex-Vegans: Why Nutrition and Nutritionism Matter, Preventing Ex-Vegans: Why Feeling “Normal” Matters, Vegetarian Nutrition Dietetic Practice Group, Vegans and Bone Fractures: New Findings and Best Practices for Keeping Bones Strong, Vegan For Life: Updated, Revised, Expanded, and All-New, Prepping the Vegan Pantry for a COVID-19 Quarantine, Giving Up Dairy is a Good Idea. : Read VRG's new Vegan Nutrition in Pregnancy and Childhood brochure online. No: 01468880 (England and Wales) | VAT Registration No. Deficiency can cause … Meal Planning Guide & Resources for Pregnant & Breastfeeding Vegetarians; Vegetarian Infants (PDF) Vegetarian Nutrition for School-Aged Children (PDF) Vegetarian Nutrition for Toddlers & Preschoolers (PDF) Vegetarian Teens (PDF) Vegetarian/Vegan Myths (PDF) Zinc in Vegetarian Diets (PDF) A great starting point for information about vegan diets. Nutrition and the Vegan Diet Protein. These are my recommendations for places to find straightforward, honest, science-based information about vegan nutrition and health. (Read more), Vegan nutrition for every family member. Whole grains, beans, legumes, soy, nuts, and seeds... Iron. HHS, Office on Women's Health, National Women's Health Information Center. The resources are in a variety of information formats: articles, pamphlets, books and full-text materials online. Fast facts about hitting your targets for protein, essential fats, vitamins and minerals. - Vegetarian Eating. Iron: A Vegan Nutrition Primer; Vitamin B12: A Vegan Nutrition Primer; Plant Protein: A Vegan Nutrition Primer; Calcium: A Vegan Nutrition Primer; Protecting Bone Health on a Vegan Diet; Recommended Supplements: A Vegan Nutrition Primer; The Vegan for Life Food Guide; Nutrition Resources 361 7274 92, Copyright © 1944 - 2020 The Vegan Society, Reg.