Another option would be Ristorante Pizzeria La Baia. They also have a wide variety of seafood dishes for the grownups if you are feeling a little adventurous. You can also decide to book your holiday in a resort and that’s it, just relaxing, day after day. Santa Teresa Gallura is just one hour drive from Olbia airport so if you choose North Sardinia for your family trip then this is the best place to go. Is this a big deal? Another option is Mama Grill. Free parking. Its narrow streets wind and weave … These include the famous Poetto Beach and Calamosca Beach. Hotel Nautilus. Chia Coast (in the south, less busy). It’s a popular place to stay in Sardinia … Il Borgo is part of the vast Forte Village Resort, near Santa Margherita di Pula in southern Sardinia… By the sea. Sardinian beaches are truly remarkable whether it is the rugged northern options with rocky bays or the smooth long and wild southern ones. This is a destination famous for its nightlife, however, if you visit it off-season (till mid-June and from mid-September) La Maddalena becomes a more romantic (and less expensive) destination to experience. If you have picky eaters for kids, Santa Maria would be your best choice. Places to stay in this area would be the village of Sant’Antioco located in the homonymous Sant’Antioco island or Calasetta. They have it all from vegan options to gluten-free pizza and even lactose-free ice cream. Located in the North-Eastern part of the Sardinia, this town has some of the most awesome views of the water. 19,938 reviews. One in Cagliari in the south and the other in Olbia in the north (there is also a third airport, Alghero in the north, however, there are not as many flights landing there). This beautiful Northwestern village is home to some of the most beautiful beaches famed for having clear waters, clean beaches and spectacular rocky backdrops. It has won numerous awards over the years for its beauty and tranquillity. Beautiful water of Sardinia near San Teodoro. Let me say first that this is a big island. As a result, it tends to be very busy especially around the peak season between mid-June and September. Sardinia is a whole lot of Island to explore. It’s all updated and ready for 2020. This is ideal if your kids are up for a food adventure. Tortoli is slowly but very surely coming up as a great alternative. Beach. Sardinia is a beautiful island with a lot to offer in terms of Italian culture from amazing food and wine to great music. With that last part in particular, San Teodoro is overflowing with options including Marino di Puntaldia which is right next to the scenic Spiaggia de La Marina di Puntaldìa. It’s just as amazing as unique. This is a seaside café with amazing hot and cold drinks as well as snacks to enjoy on the beach. If you prefer to book a resort, seat and relax for the whole holiday then the below two places may be just what you are looking for. Sardinia has fantastic, gorgeous beaches. Best places to stay or visit in northern Sardinia. You can decide to be based in Cagliari and explore with local transportation or rent a car (check out and explore the coast and islands around. Chia is a beautiful little coastal village in the south famous for … #2 Best Value of 6,948 places to stay in Sardinia. If you are renting a car you will, of course, have a different experience, with more freedom and possibility to explore whatever you want whenever you like. Is it true? Sardinia has been likened to other popular island destinations globally like the Caribbean for being ideal for couple getaways. The answer is really based on the type of holiday you are after (beach? My recommended website to rent a car is In short, book your accommodation based on your arrival point. Free Wifi. Free parking. You will be more flexible with a car, however, without a car, it can be as enjoyable. It also has many awesome restaurants including Torre Chia. #3 Best Value of 6,948 places to stay in Sardinia. If you land in the North, then you have a lot of beautiful bays to explore when you are done soaking up the sun on their beautiful beaches. The beauty to take the day as it comes. In addition to the beaches that you will essentially have all to yourself, the location offers amazing views of coastal nature from the spectacular cliffs. And with beautiful beaches like Spiaggia di Cala Sabina as well as attractions like Parco Fausto Noce it is not so hard to see why. Cagliari has the main International Airport in the South of Sardinia. Just a different experience. Below are two of the best destinations. One such restaurant is Le Palmette Beach Club. driving or not a car?). One of the best, in this case, is Mama Pizza. Free Wifi. If you have only one week then focus either on the South-East or the South-West coast. Sardinia is the second largest island in the Mediterranean Sea and an autonomous region of Italy. This means that the water is always nice and calm and therefore perfect for swimming and other water sports like snorkelling, kayaking and even water skiing. These include Torre di Longonsardo o Torre Spagnola, Capo Testa Lighthouse and Tomba Dei Giganti. A quick tip: the Nuova Sardegna and L’Unione Sarda are two great sources of information for local news and events. What sets this one apart from other Italian restaurants around is their accommodation of special dietary needs clients. Free Wifi. You will have time to explore the other part of the island on the next trip. Don’t let the low price tags on this one fool you; they have some of the best Italian food around served in their beautiful indoor and outdoor settings. Show Prices. 18,611 reviews. They also have some pretty awesome attractions including the Giants’ grave of Su Mont’e s’Abe and the medieval Basilica of San Simplicio.